Guardian soulmates dating site rss in outlook not updating

07-Jun-2017 04:36

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The information on public profiles, including photos, relationship preferences, and physical description, could also be accessed.The same spokesperson said the site received 27 messages from members showing evidence that their email addresses had been exposed.Guardian Soulmates is pitched fair and square at the 30 segment of the newspaper’s readership.In other words, people use guardian soulmates because they want to find educated, professional and liberal 30 somethings to go on dates with.Very few of the profile fields are mandatory, so not everyone has a lot of information on their page, and some just scribble a sentence or two to explain themselves.Nonetheless, in terms of the education levels, job levels and types, you are unlikely to find a more creative or better educated crowd anywhere else – if that’s what you’re into.One great feature that stands out immediately is that profiles and photos are visible to anyone who comes to the site, right from the get go.

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"This breach is good reminder that every breach reveals data that criminals can use to launch additional attacks.Data breaches provide a distribution hub for malware for years to come," he added.The site costs £32 (.50) per month to use and has been around since July 2004.The company added its ongoing probe pointed to a fault at an unnamed, external, technology provider.

The firm also confirmed email addresses and user IDs were likely to have been exposed, admitting these could be used to locate other publicly available profiles and photographs, physical descriptions and relationship preferences.Thanks to the Guardian newspaper’s leading stance on providing its services online, it is one of the best established of the newspaper branded dating sites and probably the most effective place to do ‘broadsheet dating’.